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Music Productions

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Who Am I?

My name is Allan Chykerda. I have been teaching and composing music for a number of years and have a desire not only to share my music with others, but to produce music for anyone working on a project who enjoys my style(s) of writing. If you are searching for original music content, or just want to say 'Hi', please feel free to contact me. This site contains both an Email and a Requests page where you are welcome to forward any comments or questions concerning my music. I also 'Moderate/Administrate' a website entitled Roland Clan and, if you have any questions regarding Roland product, would invite you to check out this amazing forum. 

I have chosen to include a My Life Outside Of Music photo album, as well as a What I Know To Be True page. What we believe ultimately defines who we are. Please take a moment to read this page and allow me to try to answer any questions you may have.  

What Can I Do?

Musically, just about anything!! You have to check out the MP3 page! On this website I have chosen to include access to wide variety of original compositions in mp3 format. (Everything from Classical to Jazz; from Electronica to Contemporary Pop) There are a number of new sample songs and clips posted both as embedded audio and file-downloadable links. I hope that you enjoy them and keep me in mind if a need for original music ever arises. The piece that you are listening to is entitled 'Don't You Think It's Tacky?' and was written for a college football performance/training video in Los Angeles, California. It can be downloaded from the MP3 page.

I also enjoy producing music for video and have included a sample in the Images - The Prairies page. This presentation is composed of photos taken on a trip to the province of Saskatchewan, A higher quality version is found at the bottom of the page and is well worth the download time. I hope that you enjoy it. Speaking of videos, you have got to check out My Youtube Videos page, especially if you have ever wondered if a keyboard can truely sound like a guitar!  

I currently have 7 videos posted on YouTube .

A special 'Thank-you!' to companies like Roland ( and Twelve Tone Systems, Inc. ( for helping make the aspirations of musicians a reality! 

Thank-you for visiting this site! Please feel free to sign my Guestbook before 

you leave.


As Of August 28, 2003

Last Updated July 16, 2018


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