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Music Productions

Photo Gallery

My Life Outside Of Music My Life Outside Of Music My wife and I enjoy exploring nature on our tandem bike and try to get out often. 47575934 This is us on a recent trip to the Rocky Mountains. (an hour and a half drive) 47575935 As you can see from our bike, we love Canada. 47575936 An amazing bike trip, the Kettle Valley Railway trestles overlooking the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia. 47575937 Built in the 1910s, they hug rock walls and span yawning gaps in Myra Canyon. Many sections do not have railing . . . a little nerve-racking ! 47575938 Taking a break at the entrance to a 'small' tunnel. 47575939 When the railway abandoned them, the trestles were converted to hiking / biking paths. 47575940 Sadly, a forest fire in the summer of 2003 destroyed 12 of the 16 trestles. 47575941 They are being rebuilt, and should re-open in late summer 2007. 47575942 You will have to look closely to see the trestles in the background. You may want to left-click this picture. 47575943 Nap time! 47575944 Summer fun! Helping my brother-in-law run a water line to the house he built. 47575945 Running a backhoe is too much fun! 47575946 An view from their acreage while enjoying an early-morning coffee. Sweet! 47575947 My attempt at watercolor! I thought that a Westie would be a fun subject. 47575948 We enjoy setting up our 'Department 56" winter village at the beginning of November. For a closer look, check out the video. 47575949 There is nothing quite like experiencing a Cuban beach for the first time! 47575950 The ring my wife had made for me! A keyboard of course! =) 47575951 Casual photos in the park. Photography courtesy of <BR> 47575952 Photography courtesy of <BR> 47575953 Photography courtesy of <BR> 47575954 Photography courtesy of <BR> 47575955 Photography courtesy of <BR> 47575956 Waggish, our little West Highland Terrier! Photography courtesy of <BR> 47575957 My beautiful wife, Robin, and I celebrating 18 amazing years! On the wall behind our very secluded table, a monochromatic oil painting of our dog that I had commissioned for our anniversary. 47575958 Entitled 'Quiet Moment' 47575959 The painting is home! 47575960 A trip to Lake Louise in November. 47575961