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Music Productions

The Roland Fantom G8 finally found it's new home as a master controller keyboard in my studio! (LG monitors positioned above it)

I must admit, it is nice to enjoy 264 physical keys! 

Pictures of the prototype! Know that these prototypes were hand-built and not 'assembly line' manufactured. At the time of the 2008 Winter NAMM show, much of the programming was largely unfinished. It's software was being regularily updated by programmers in Japan, which, using the thumb drive, was an extremely simple proceedure. Just plug the drive in and turn the keyboard on! No hassel! The keyboard pictured above had a serial plate that was devoid of any identification and was on it's way back to Japan to be crushed! ( I'm the tall guy wearing the dark coat.. The gentleman pictured with me is Darren Schoepp, a V-Drums expert with Roland Canada and a very good friend of mine.)


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